The Best Extendable Dining Tables For Your Small Space

There’s nothing like having friends and family over for good times and new memories. But if you have a small space you will need a place for them to sit, eat and enjoy. Of course, having a number of chairs around your place can work, but there’s something like having everyone at one table that is hard to replace. Expandable dining tables can be exactly what your need. These extendable tables can not only give you the eating space when you need extra, but they also can be dismantled or de-expanded (if that’s a word) to give you back your space when not needed.

We’ve found and curated a number of extendable dining tables for all sizes and decor. In addition, we bring to you only the ones that are reviewed highly to save you browsing time. Enjoy.

Stakmore Traditional Expanding Table Finish, Fruitwood

This Stakmore Expanding Table can start as console table – but with a few simple steps can be transformed into a game table.

Need more space, then just add two additional leaves and it expands into a dining table with a fifth leg for support. So it can start from space for one to space for up to eight! And then when your company has left it virtually disappears giving you your space back.
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Driness Drop Leaf Console Dining Table

driness drop leaf dining tableThe Driness Drop Leaf Table is, small space dining at its best! Easy-use drop leaf smoothly operates for a dining table that converts to a console in seconds.  It can be your personal work table, but in seconds, be able to seat 4-6 people.  Weathered oak tabletop and black metal legs make a great team, simple lines and contemporary composition work well with any style. Feast your eyes on a good time with this gate-leg table as a dinette, table tennis locale, or desk.  Click for more info.



Armen Living Ivan Extendable Dining Table with Tempered Glass

The Armen Living Ivan contemporary extendable dining table is a wonderful addition to the modern dining room. The Gray glass top is coupled with an elegant brushed stainless steel base that gives the Ivan a unique and original flair. The table can be extended by simply pulling at one end, no additional storage necessary, the table extension is tucked under the table top. The versatility and style of this table make it a standout piece of furniture.  Click for more info.

WINSOME Lynden Dining, Antique Walnut

Lynden Drop Leaf Dining Table is functional and space saving perfect for small dining rooms, kitchen or other small areas. Daily use table top surface is 29.92″ square. For extra space, this table includes a Drop Leaf with surface area of 17.95’W x 29.92″D. Fully Expand table surface is 47.87″W x 29.92″D x 29.53″H. Slide out leg to prop up drop leaf. Constructed from solid wood. Assembly Required.  Click for more info.




Trithi Furniture – Fullerton Solid Wood Extendable Dining Table
Small space dining

Trithi Dining Furniture proudly presents one of our finest furniture, the Fullerton Solid Wood Extendable Dining Table. The table was made with a 100% Solid Asian Hardwood. There are 2 variations for the table legs, BLACK and White with a Cherry Color Tabletop. Extended, the table can sit up to 8 people. Unlike the traditional Extendable Tables, our Trithi Furniture’s products can be extended easily and effortlessly by our well designed and hidden Butterfly leaves at the center section. Please note that simple assembly is required.  Click for more info.



oval expandable dining table openKET-WHI-TP a Pedestal Oval Dining Table

round expandable dining table closedOval dining tables which has versatile 18” extendable leaf for extra visitors if needed. Simple assembly required. When the larger footprint isn’t needed just remove the provided leaf and your oval dining table turns into a circular dining table – easy.  This particular Kenley dining room table gives attractiveness and straight forward decor for a comfortable and peaceful effect with a user-friendly touch of elegance. Finish in Buttermilk and cherry color. Include: Kenley Single Pedestal Oval Dining Table 42″x60″ with 18″ Butterfly Leaf.  Click for more info.

pop up extendable dining table
Corner Housewares Expanding X Lift Coffee and Dining Table

pop up dining table downSpaceMaster (TM) introduces a unique transforming coffee and dining table. At its smallest if makes a great coffee table. Just right for your living room. Play cards, eat snacks, etc. But when needed this tables lifts, rotates and folds open into a Full 4-6 Person Dining Table That Measures 39.5″ x 45″ x 30″. Crafted from quality materials, it is without a doubt that this convertible table will be long lasting.  Click for more info.



MiniMax Decor Extendable – Seats Up to Twelve

The MiniMax revolutionary expandable table is versatile and efficient. Its innovative accordion design allows it to easily expand from a small console table to a large dining table that can seat a party of twelve, and anything in between. Be sure to impress your guests the next time you host a party. This unique expanding console table is great for small apartments and condos, the table can also be used as a bureau, card table, kitchen table, dinette, and as a conference table in an office. Click for more info.

The Beauty And Practicality Of Extendable Dining Tables

Family and friends.  There’s nothing like it.  Most of our most happiest memories include our family and friends.  But due to the limited space that many have because of smaller and smaller apartments (with bigger and bigger costs) it can be a challenge to entertain them.  So it helps to find ways to creatively use the space we have left.

Extendable dining tables can fit the bill.  Having an expandable eating option that can “shrink” out the way when not in use is a wonderful way to entertain en masse.  And depending on its shrunken size this will affect where you can store them when not in use. But of course, depending on your space requirements you may not need to store it away. Your space may be just enough for an expandable table to stay out. But for some even if it stays out it stays out without its full length.  And that means having a place to store any leaves your piece may have.

But once your table is open to its full glory make sure you have allowed space for one’s moving about behind and around your table.  For this reason researching the fully open and fully closed measurements in relation to your existing space is necessary.  It won’t benefit you if your table, fully extended, causes more headaches than not.

How To Expand An Expandable Dining Table?

Before answering that question one needs to understand that there are different types of expandable dining tables. And each type has a different way to expand them. For example, the ones we found for you above each have a unique way to expand because they have different designs.

Simple Drop Leaf Extendable Dining Table

These types of extending tables make use of a drop leaf feature. When this leaf is down it usually hangs vertically on the side of the dining table. This allows one to place the table closer to the wall or have more space in the table area for other needs. But when needed this leap can be propped up, flush with the rest of the table thus extending the eating space. In most cases this leaf can stays up with the use of an included additional “leg” made for that purpose.

Multi Leaf Drop Leaf Extendable Dining Table

Multi leaf drop down dining tables work similarly to the Simple type table except for the fact there are more than one leaf.  For example, the  Driness drop leaf table above has two leaves that drop down, both leaves on both sides of the main eating section.  As needed one can pull up one leaf or both leaves depending the space needed.

Add A Leaf Expandable Dining Tables

Add a leaf expanding tables are the most popular form of expanding a dining table. These types of tables comes with leaves that can be added to your table as needed. The amount of leaves that come with these tables represent the max length the tables can be extended.

Pull Out Expandable Dining Tables

Pull out expanding tables have the advantage of not needing separate leaves. Their extensions are part of the design. And like the Armen Living Ivan Extendable Dining Table above, one just needs to pull out the table at the short ends which allows the extension to be reveals and rise flush with the rest of the table top thus extending it’s top.

Pop Up Expanding Dining Table

Pop up dining tables are almost futuristic. Many of them can serve a number of different purposes due to its ability to “rise” to the occasion as needed. For example, the Spacemaster Expanding X Lift Coffee and Dining Table can start at its lowest as a coffee table. But rise higher to be a small dining table. But this piece has a next extra feature. Once at its highest one of its layers can flip open and double the eating space in seconds.