Creative Dinner For Two Ideas

Creative Dinner For Two Ideas

A romantic dinner for two can create lasting memories and strengthen the bond. We’ve come up with (and in some cases, stolen) some ideas to make your dinner together even more memorable. Some of these ideas involve creative food options, but for the most part they are ideas around creative and fun activity ideas to enhance the night. Try them all. Enjoy.


Yup. The food is good. But nothing adds to time for two than talking. Sharing. Reminiscing.  And if there are issues? Leave those issues on the coat rack for now and enjoy.


Get that “fancy restaurant” feel with a waiter for hire.  If they’re great, don’t forget a GOOD tip.

Two Chefs

Get ready for a fun and even education by cooking your meal together.  Try something radical, new and exciting.  Buy  a meal kit – which comes with the ingredients. And cook away!

Look Ma, No Hands

You may feel childish doing this (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) but imagine the fun of eating without using your hands. Messy fun.

On The Move

Ever ran with a cup of coffee?  Now imagine jogging while eating.  Jog in place while you eat and kill two birds with one stone.

Food Fight!

Whether you do it in the beginning of your meal or the end of the meal a messy but fun time will be had by all.

Make Me Laugh

There’s nothing like a good laugh. But can you stop yourself from laughing with a mouth filled with water?

Chili Pepper Chowdown

Start out small with one of those not so hot peppers and gradually increase the “hotness” and see how far you can go.  Have water at the ready for a quick cool down.


Turn your evening into any theme you want with a Netflix movie. Want to go Sci-Fi? What about Victorian? In the mood for Sports? Pick your Netflix movie and enjoy with your meal.

Picnic Without The Ants

Move the furniture aside, lay out the blanket and the picnic basket and turn your dining room into a picnic area.  

Singing Star

Grab a Karaoke machine and sing your hearts out!

Dance And Eat

Dance and Eat at the same time to create fabulous memories of your dinner night.  And if you’re not the greatest dancers, find a dance teacher for a home class. Need some music buy a boom box or just ask Alexa 🙂

All Fall Down

Put some Jenga on your dinner table and see who can stay up – while your food goes down.

Pizza Pizza

Get creative with a do it yourself pizza. Pick up some pizza dough from Trader Joe’s or other spot.  Roll out it out and add anything you want to your creation. 

You're It!

Duck! Duck! Goose! Bring back memories with a friendly game of tag.  Burn your food off in fun!

Game On!

Find out who’s the boss  with an after dinner video game challenge. Sports? Sci Fi? Go for it!  

Eat What??

Chocolate covered grasshoppers. Snails. Alligator tips. Go as exotic as you can with some of the kind of meals you never thought you would eat.

Blindfolded Buffet

Trust your partner? Let them blindfold you and eat what they serve with the utmost trust (okay, with a little fear). 

Paint Night

Paint each other’s portrait, but don’t let them see it until you’re finished. Don’t worry if neither of you are talented. The big reveal will be amazing!

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